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Seasonal Pitfalls


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OK Boys, pay attention to this if you are a seasonal employee. Chief pilots and Ops Magrs pay heed to this as well (Yes, we know you read these posts). If you are working more than 8 hours a day and are not getting credit for those hours on you Employment Insurance, you are getting screwed. Royaly. No, the person working in payroll doesn't know EVEYTHING, and they are making huge mistakes in your daily total. I have had extensive conversationw withy EI on this matter, and from their mouths come these words. If your leave at 7 in the morning, and get back at 7 at night, you SHOULD be getting the full 12 hour credit allowed. If you arfe only getting 8, YOU are getting screwed. Right from EI, who showed me in the LABOUR CANADA guidelines. Yes, it's Labour Canada who write the rules, not EI. Companies will state that they only have to give you 8 hours. The good people at EI finished my sentence for me when I asked why they wouldn'tgive you your 8. Simple. The companies THINK they will get into an OVERTIME pay dispute, and they will have to pay you the overtime. NOT TRUE! (Their words!) If you are paid on a daily rate, hours DON'T matter, but you are still ENTITLED to the 12 hour credit. She then says, without prompting, that "Let me guess, you will not be rehired if you disagree". I had one operator who, they thought, made a mistake in their haste to finish off a Record of Employment-and creditied me with the 12 hours per day. Guess what, by accident they were correct. Went through without a murmur,nobody got audited, nothing. Perfect. Secondly, if you are seasonal (don't want to hear from full time people-not your topic) make sure you DO NOT have holiday pay deducted (Like part time guys need holidays!) because when you get it payed out at the end, it is considered INCOME and will reduce your benefits by that amount. Have it payed into your salary. These are the facts.

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