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London Drugs Flight Dept.

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Goldmember - Not sure if they are the same company but here is what I have:


London Air Services orders a second AB139


The Canadian company London Air Service has ordered a second AB139 from

Bell/Agusta Aerospace Company for transport operations in Canada. This

second order is to supplement the first London Air services aircraft that

will be delivered in late 2005 prior to commencing operations in Canada in

the Spring of 2006.


London Air Services' (LAS) (www.londonair.ca <http://www.londonair.ca>)

AB139s will provide executive charter helicopter services complementing

their current charter fleet of Lear 45 and Challenger 604 aircraft. The AB

139 helicopters will provide reliable passenger service to Sonora Resort (a

sister company of London Air Services -www.sonoraresort.com

<http://www.sonoraresort.com>) located at Sonora Island on the coast of

British Columbia. Wynne Powell, President of London Air Services,

commented that "the AB139 was selected due to innovative technological

design and excellent operating characteristics including number of

passengers, baggage weight/ size handling capabilities. We are excited that

our first AB 139 will be among the first delivered to Canada. LAS also

received the first Lear 45 delivered to Canada when that model was released

to market".

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