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Mirabel Heli Support Inc.


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One of the news headlines today was-


StandardAero Designates Mirabel Heli Support Inc. as an Authorized Support Center for Turbine Engine MRO of the Rolls-Royce M250 Engine.


I live in Mirabel, work in the biz and have never heard of "Mirabel Heli Support Inc". Thinking that I must be living in a vaccuum I googled "Mirabel Heli Support Inc". Still nothing. There are a couple of small operators in the area. One at Mirabel airport and one at the Lachute airport but nothing by the name of "Mirabel Heli Support Inc". Can anyone shed any light on this?



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Hi Wiggins,


That story was a press release issued by StandardAero. Here's a link to the original press release, which includes contact info if you'd like to follow up:






Doubt it very much will give a call to uncle Mike Senior and see whats up? probably bollocks!

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Dealed with them in the last few months, super good bunch of engineer, even turbomeca sent me there for warenty work on my B3, I recommend them to anyone. They are in the Hellibelule building.


Once again first class service will deal with them again for sure!


Fred Carrier


Ok them. You "Dealed with them on some warenty issues". Im sure that some visibility would help this MRO. Maybe even a listing in 411 or on the web might help. I'm sorry but even with your eliquent referal I would still be a little hesitant. Everything may be good, it just seems a bit strange.

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