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Jeez!! I hope you guys can see a joking comment when you see it. But then again------

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Gawd how I hate wading into such shark infested waters. I too worked with Bruce and Laura way back before they were called Campbell Helicopters. There were plenty of opportunities and I learned something from them both.


Perhaps the dark continent got just a wee bit darker??



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before anything more gets said, i think it's a testament to bruce and laura as to the numbers of posters who are rallying around them..


you know, one of the hardest things about being a moderator is having to read crap spewed out by a few and resist the knee jerk to just delete it all...


might i just say to those few, grow up with derogatory comments that just plain cross the line of decency...


<_< <_<

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I think that when i hear young people today feel they are so hard done by. by these guys. want everything now without paying there dues.

I have never worked for them, but know a number of pilots and engineers although contract have never said a bad thing and would have them high up there for work.

wonder if all the fun has gone from this industry.

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There have been a few individuals who have 'graced' Campbell Helicopters over the years that left on bad terms, but as Splitpin has said, if you did your job, you had no issues with Bruce.


B.C can be a crusty and grumpy guy but there is a few legends of his compassion floating around that few would believe if they heard about them. He was sometimes difficult to read and was a hard-as$ with some things, but he is also one of the few operators that still makes money year after year.


I very much enjoyed working with the long-term crew that has been there over the years. The CP, for one, is a gentleman with few peers.


I can say that the Production manager, although fairly young, is one of the best engineers I've ever seen. Watching him ram-rod a 212 transmission and head inner-fitting change in a dusty field this summer was the epitome of 'production' and his crew performed a minor miracle to have the whole thing done in 8 hours was pretty impressive. Kudos to M.H, E.A and the rest. job well done.


There must be a reason why those individuals stay year after year if CHL is 'so bad'?

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And then there was the contract Engineer (from the motherland) whose wife died. Bruce told him to take as much time as he needed, he was still on the payroll. Several weeks later the Engineer returns to work after collecting wages all that time and promply quits. No wonder Bruce gets grumpy sometimes!!

And then there was the Xmas party one year. Bar none Campbell throws the best party ever seen in this industry. Pan Pacific hotel for ALL his troops, Vancouver club for the party, plus $100 cash at the door for incidentals. One year a few people walked out with a considerable amount of booze under thier jackets which Bruce had to pay for. No wonder Bruce gets grumpy sometimes!!

I could go on and on---

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