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Skyradar For Ipad

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I am currently working for a training school operating R22/R44's and we have recently started using SkyRadar loaded on iPads. This app provides a very cheap and efficient ADSB function while conducting IFR training. So far this tool has been extremely valuable and I suggest it to anyone who is looking for an affordable ADSB unit. Not only does it provide ADSB, but it also has current weather, terrain, airport information, as well as IFR approaches. If you are interested there is a free 30 day trial that allows you to try the program. Good luck!!

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FYI: I have no affiliation with the company, nor do I use this product...


Here's their website...



From EAA Magazine...

SkyRadar, formerly SkyScope, is the least

expensive, with an annual subscription of

$24.95. Like Aero Charts, it stores chart

data as vector graphics, essentially a database

of points, lines, and curves used to

create map images. That keeps the database

small enough to include it in the

application, so you don’t have to download

individual charts.


Currently, service is available in Alaska,

Philadelphia, Oregon, southern Florida,

and western Colorado, but it should be

available along the entire east and west

coasts by the end of September.

I tried the ADS-B receiver with

SkyRadar in southern Florida and easily

received weather information. Traffic data

is also displayed, but it’s not as useful as

you might guess. To conserve bandwidth,

ADS-B only transmits traffic threats for

aircraft equipped with an ADS-B


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