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Some Civil Actions Involving Helicopter Companies

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actually, mag, i did read pretty much all of them just to satisfy my curiosity... there are a couple of those that i think should be mandatory reading for all the newbies entering the industry... the stuff about omitting journey log records, etc. shows that there are those who, for whatever reason, do try to circumvent the regs... :down:

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CHC Dismissal:


QUOTE: From the "JUDGE"


"I have already observed, however, that the position as engineer does not

appear to have the degree of responsibility for the safety of the

public as Mr. Birchall's. There is no evidence before me of the

precise role and duties involved in an engineer position with the

defendant company."


Boy, does somebody need an awakening.


Cheers, Don


PS: I am not taking anybodies part. :o:o

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an excellent point, blackie... i missed that one when i was reading it!!! not as much responsibilty as the pilot?!?!?! :blink:


obvious he has no clue as to what goes into maintaining any type of machine with wings or rotors... :down:


i wonder if he thinks his car mechanic has less responsibilty that he does when his brakes go TU while driving... <_<

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the one about the painting reminds me of a story ( probably an urban myth) of an operator who took his helicopter to a shop that specialized in painting jets. The guy prepping it thought that piant job would look better if he sanded down all the pesky mush head rivets. I am sure it never realy happened but makes a good story.

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I believe that it would be apra po, even after this case has been already been decided, if this same judge could be advised of why Boeing has recently ordered ALL of their manufactured aircraft worldwide to have their cockpit windows replaced ASAP. One of the causes for many near disasters with these windows was "a screw not properly tightened at the plant and/or during replacement of said windows by maintenance personnel with various airlines worldwide". Most resulted in fires from the electrical anti-icing connections on the cockpit windows and resultant cracks in said windows at 30,000'+.......in-flight. Having probably ridden on various airliners during his life, I expect his respect for the "responsibilities" of maintenance personnel would take a decided up-turn.


I know and respect greatly all the primary personnel involved in this unfortunate story and will therfore offer no comment.

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