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Why The 407 Is The Superior Aircraft

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Hey nice to hear from you again, The 407 problems where well before my time here, like i said it was a first generation model, had little tech support , and didn't like the bird dragging below it, not much for fuel range! That was moons ago. (the 407 is a real good machine, don't tell maggie)


Last Frontier? Us? No more, we have much better places to be doing our business. Going to be busy in a market that where we are good at! That heliskiing was a trial, we are a production LL company, and that is what we are good at and can make money at! We'll leave the heliskiing for you!

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Unless otherwise specified, the following performance figures and charts are values obtained with new production engine and are given for a clean standard aircraft, in zero wind at sea level, standard atmosphere conditions.




Marketing figures but hopefully accurate.


SO which has the better OEI performance :rolleyes:


PS; 3 for sale on the EC web site any offers ?.

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Good Ole Heli- Skiing one of the few if only markets where a customer who pays peanuts and flys less than 3hrs a day has so much influence on our industry, they dictate pilots, tours and type of aircraft flown , I shudder to think what we would do if we pandered to forestry and mining clients the way we do the HUNS!


T-rex no wonder you don't want anything to do with skiing anymore after all, Ralphie was getting those B2's for probably what 407Driver rents out a jetranger for.

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Deep Throat.

Heli-skiing isnt for everyone, you either love it or hate it, The same with seismic I love skiing and hate seismic. I work for one of the few heli-ski customers where first our customer does'nt dictate the pilot and the tour, Second I fly more then three hours a day skiing,Third, The aircraft arent given away. When I decide we go home because of what ever reason it maybe, we go home, I have never had a problem with my customer getting pissy with me for the decisions. As for other companies skiing. I can't speak for them. I believe everyone has a nitch and will find what works for them. What I think you discribed in your post was the siesmic industry.

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Sorry to generalize Firehawk, yes the same can be said of the Seismic Industry, unfortunately both have been tainted by a certain group of operators who ruin it for the rest, I have in the past worked great Ski and Seismic contracts but have found as of late that they are few and far between. Who knows what the solution is for this?.



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407 Driver....the boys in Gimli are going West to heliski....haven't heard who is doing the driving yet...my guess is probably Kipky or Jenecki...they both had worked for Custom when Derrick was there...will give them a call and find out... ;)

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Excellent DGP, I talked with them several times as they were setting up the aircraft. Seem like great guys. If I can be of assistance, tell them to call.


PS I know the word NO in most HUN languages, could be helpful to them...





erhalten Sie weg von meinem Hubschrauber (get away from my helicopter )You Dumbkoff !

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