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Why The 407 Is The Superior Aircraft

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Good post HV. Personally, I have about 2,500 on the 350, and only 1,500 on the 407.

As you mention, the type works for us, we move a lot of people short distances, and the 407 can do it fast. Sitting rearward is not an issue, one-time riders for 5-10 minutes don't complain, The gear room is not an issue (although we have a huge ski basket), the fuel range is not an issue in this country (everything is close, it's all vertical distances, and a 407 can climb like a home-sick Angel).

We are a Bell-only company, and have tremendous factory support. VR is a breeze, with a huge VR bubble window, plus I'm only a svelte 5'-8" :shock:


MAG knows my biggest beef with 350's, RA, GH, SH,

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Sorry ####, I don't try to stay current in those subjects.


At any rate, it would be nice get some official data on all these records. It would make for some interesting reading but also might prove/disprove some urban myths. What about the story of the Lama that flew up to 40000 feet for an altitude record and then set another record for highest autorotation when the engine quit for lack of air!!

Is that one true or is a load of crap???

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B) Yep ....true it is. There is a published article direct from the test pilot that broke the altitude record.I'll see if I can locate it for this thread as it is some very interesting reading. The record prior to the Lama was held by an S64 at 36,000 ft. Aerospatialle was trying to break it as an worldwide advertising gimmick to show the Lama's performance capabilities. As I understand the altitude record was broken last year on a third attempt by a B3, unsure of the exact number, But I believe it is over 42,000 ft.....Anyone know? :huh:
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Jetbox ------that's 41,000' on July 21, 1972 and the record still stands. I had a French engineer eons ago that had been involved, amongst many others, in that record. His stories of what they had to go through in order to satisfy the pilot involved are hilarious....but VERY understandable on the pilot's part. :lol:

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