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Idividuality can only be resolved by the individual people involved, that is why I say legislation will never resolve working conditions for people out in the "bush" under different working conditions.


If a pilot or engineer is overworked, it is his/her responsibility to ask for a break. As all individuals are not the same, the concept of different strokes for different folks should be applied.


That basically is what an operations manager is paid for.


The onus should be on the company CEO to see that it is applied or suffer the consequences, such as a loss of OC.


It's called enforcement, that is part of TC mandate, that they do not do.


Cheers, Don

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When I was spraying, I would have got a whole lot better sleep camping out under the machine, but no, I had to drive 3 hours each way to a hotel!



How true...but wasn't it great! The comradery, the A-Team, the goop, the dust and dirt, seeing you with your boxers over your head as a dust mask :oops: :shock: :huh::blink:


Sorry :off: again. DISREGARD!

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But you were in the B Team, weren't you? :lol: getting no sleep at all?


Cap is quite right of course, everyone is different. Blackmac is also right - we should report tiredness - but that only works if we get backed up against customers by the company, and we all know that doesn't often happen!



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My question is:


If TC isn't governing how many hours a pilot can fly, then who would be? The industry???


C'mon ppl... isn't that a bit like giving the fox free run of the chicken coup?


Sure, there are times when you'd love to be able to fly more hours (i.e. summer when the fires are goin' hard) but adequate time for rest is equally important.


Maybe I'm just too 'safety' concerned.

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Rotor Boy ------ you know of some Forestry Services that don't have a "mirror-image" of MOT regulations in place? I know one that exceeds those rules because they don't even agree on the definition of "Sunset" and as a result exceed those MOT definitions ............and you better "report in" every 30 mins with registration and position or you'll be sternly reminded of that over-sight upon landing......that's not an MOT requirement either.

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