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Ei/ Hrdc Funding


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If you can get it , go for it!!


But be prepared to wait, as it will take a LOOOONG while in working out. But like I said, it is worth it (if you get full funding).


We need some "funded" students with your attitude and motivation, since 98% of the "funded" students I have seen, have had no motivation whatsoever, and have been VERY lazy, since everything was "handed" to them. :angry:

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duf, What do you need to know about the HRDC funding in particular? I went through it last year in october and it took about three weeks to put it all together.....the only advise that I can give you is to have a positive attitude and to be patient and polite(but isn't that a standard for the aviation industry?) If you have any questions you can PM me or if you wish to post it you can do so also.








BTW>>>>>>> It's been one full year as of today since the first time I jumped

up behind the cyclic, I guess you can call it my first year

aniversary with the cyclic! LOL

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have you considered exotic dancing!!??? ;);) ... from all appearances, our government is now bending over backwards in an effort to both obtain employment AND citizenship for anyone wishing to join the ranks of canadian "peelers"...


you're up cyclic monkey.... :D

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Hey 'Copper and Capper.......just back off !!!


Yes, my wife Spanky is a "peeler". So what !! Do you feel better now ??


Naturally in our line of work as pilots we meet a lot of women of this profession. Haven't you ??


After I moved to Canada I tried very hard to have my new wife join me.

Thankfully as soon as I told the Immigration Department what she did for a career, there was no problem........except from pious prudes like youselves !!


Frankly, I think she looks **** good in her new Passport photo. Don't you ??

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