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Another in a long list of pointless observations.


That really cool photo of the Griffon in Afghanistan on the front page of the site. A very dramatic contrast between the green cammo and the red/brown landscape.


Isn't that the exact opposite of what a camouflage paint scheme is supposed to do?

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I think Helicopters are painted Green or Tan so that when enemy planes or other helicopters are above them they don't stand out as much parked on the ground or flying low. Since they fly so low relative to jets, usually an enemy air treat will be above them. The threats in Afganistan are all from the ground and close enough that they will be heard anyway, they probably just choose not bother so they stand out to each other and becuase its cheaper.

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considering the vast array of landscapes and weather in afghanistan....I think we'd need to paint the aircraft per mission to accomplish your dream of not standing out...

Besides, the photo looks like it's been filtered thru the lens to bring the colors out.



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Actually, we're not really trying to hide, per se. There is more force protective value added by regularly changing flight profiles and routings than linking the paint scheme to a particular portion of AFG countryside. East into Kunar is actually quite green, as is the North, around Mazar, Baghlan and Bamyian. Yes, K-har is (mostly) dusty, but it has its own strips of greenery as well.





p.s. Re: force protection/OPSEC/PERSEC - that's why folks should stay away from describing routings (even if generic), profiles and timings on an open forum.

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