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Mackenzie Valley Gas Pipeline Approved


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As a noob I'd be interested to hear the opinions of all the old salts here (and the new ones too :D).

Do y'all reckon this project will create some flying jobs?


Fly safe and stay warm,


- Darren

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Maybe for my 2 year old son



Yup, while all the debates and posturing were going on, the energy industry found lots of accessible natural gas deposits. Until the price of natural gas comes up significantly, and all the environmental hoops have been jumped through I doubt the pipeline will be built in the near future.


I personally thought that 50 billion dollar stimulus would have been allocated to one of the pipeline projects, as they will have to be built eventually.

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Just to give you younger guys an idea of how long this has been going on.

In 1969 when I got into civil aviation in Alberta, there was a great flurry of people setting up charter companies to take advantage of the pipelinr project. Anyone remeber Keir Air, Mackensie Air, Gateway, Jetair, etc etc etc. All had hoped to make their fortune on supporting the project. One aviation analyst I knew said that there would be enough work for one DC3 to fly daily up and down the line doing nothing but delivering garbage bags.

Bump ahead to the 80s; once again the northern pipeline projects were almost ready to be reality. Oil from the Mackenzie Valley, gas from the delta and Ice-breaking LNG tankers from Tuk and the Arctic islands. Ooops oil went to $9 per bbl in 86, end of that pipe dream.


Now, 25 years later everything seems to be a go :) or as Eddy Aman once said "It's party time"!

Don't you believe it.

I agree with the comment from hybrid about the 2 year old being able to get work on it. If that 2 year old had been around in 1969 they would be 44 today.................................

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