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Hiring Question.


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If your young enough going the AME route first can be a good idea. Most companies don't want to hire 100hr pilots to begin with, especially ones that are still teenagers. Getting your engineering licence first, while making a decent salary, you can pay off your student loans.

Than eventually take a winter off to get your pilot's licence. This way through school you already have a job waiting for you. Explain to your employer this is just something you have always wanted to do but you don't expect to fly when you get back(of course your lying). I used to have a set a duals with me so I could log time whenever we were heading to a job. It may take a few years before the company allows you to start doing the odd ferry flight. They may always view you as an engineer and you may eventually have to move to another company. I know lots of engineer's that thought they wanted to be pilots when they first got in the industry and then realized how much better engineer's had it. At the end of the day you always have a fall back career if you lose your medical.

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