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Am sorry, I do apologize, it seems that my sitting in Stewart last winter over many beers, coffee, pies, lunches, etc, having this same discussion had a lasting effect on my commodore 64 brain,,,,but yes it is very nice to see the amount of ads, and do hope it lasts for everyone to regain a bit from the last few years!


Ahhh good old Stewart in the winter, Plenty of beer drinking time there when the snow starts.

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..sitting in Stewart last winter...


Were you involved with BC Highways avalanche protection at Bear Pass?


/curious what else helicopters would get up to in the winters there...


- Darren

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Interesting thing about a couple of recent ads from the same operator...


One for engineers where relocation is important and one for pilots not requiring relocation.


the Duke


They probably just don't want us riff-raff actually living in their home town...



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Mainly sitting. Nope not on avalanche protection,,,,bird towing,,,,



Hey Skullcap, where you on the "red Dragon" B3?


I agree a lot about the run time/airtime. The thing is, those of you who log a lot of time sitting on the ground better be able to put your money where your mouth is when you go for a check ride....and it will show. When I first came to fly in the mountains, with my 600 or 800 hours of flying in the flat country, I thought this will not be so tough....jesus, how humbling it was. If you have 3000 hours and 1000 of them are sitting on the ground doing nothing that the frictions can't do for you????? good luck trying to call yourself a 300 hour pilot.


sorry back to the thread.....YES, it is getting better, there are more adds but there are also more jobs that are not posted, I just was able to pick from a few. the price of oil is going up, and that directly affects our oil work and us pilot part numbers!!! The USA is also picking up in the oil and gas sectors as well, get out the bagrunners! It may be slow but it definetly feels that there is an upturn of some sort going on!



Stay possative job seekers!

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