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Just to 'rouse the sleeping dragon.


Today I became a LANDED IMMIGRANT and I can now take ALL your jobs! lol





Congratulations! :up:

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The person you are calling 'naive' has over 50 years in the industry, and has held every position.

Wonderful posts HF/P5. Alittle self-indulgent and hypocrytical perhaps but why let the facts get in the way of a good story. Where is it you are working these days? Still having a long loud chuckle re

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Good on ya Harald! That was a long tine coming! Must be your "shady background" from Norwegian times! :up:


All the best!




Shady background indeed Ronnie!!


New job as well, HTSC from tomorrow!



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"This problem of having fewer experience (sic) pilots and the blame for this situation can be placed directly in the hands of industry itself. Why? Because there are few companies who bring guys up and now we have gotten ourselves into a pickle..."



My earlier comment continues to apply, P5. The large majority of operators that have been around for awhile generally don't cater to clientele that can utilize lower time pilots, ergo there's virtually no supportable rationale for them to do so.


Many of us can remember when Delta (St. Albert) had the Northwest Passage icebreaker tour every summer, and was able to bring along sprogs that have generally succeeded in their careers. As well, Yellowhead and other operators in the helitour markets have been able to do much the same.


But we have to acknowledge - client constraints are more and more the rule, giving less and less opportunity for newbies to break in.


And that can't be blamed entirely on our industry's safety experience either. Compared to other industries, aviation in general has been slow to adapt effective measures such as safety management systems. Rightly or wrongly, the marketplace, the courts and the underwriters are contributing to progress.


I've mentioned before that, many moons ago, our industry, with the outstanding assistance of ATAC (pre HAC) was able to get government to put up money for companies to add to the qualifications and experience of their pilots. We shot ourselves in the foot, though, when some companies deliberately misapplied the funds to give higher time folks instrument ratings and ATRs. In today's economy we certainly can't expect that kind of assistance but, perhaps down the road, we may be able to have the feds and even the heavy-using provinces see the benefit and try it again - perhaps with oversight (HAC?).


P.S. And thanks, guys, but I'm younger now than I was 20 years ago.

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