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The Good List

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I believe youve overlooked Helicraft from St Hubert


As far as lumping the companies together or letting them stand alone I would vote for each company to stand on it's own I've worked for several of the Companies that were under one management group and found that each company was managed seperatly when it came to dealing with the air crew... working for one company the ops mngr was a great guy but working for another the ops mngrturned out to be borderline pr..k therefor if we are commenting on air crew-management relationships I'd be talking a different line for each of the companies..


I'm sure many of us will be watching this thread closely....Thanks for taking the lead!

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HA, in your dreams DT2, my winter ride has 3,000 hrs on it, a HP kit, and is tight as a brand new JetBox, they must have the second best one. :D




Plus, I have a young Blonde gal helping me :shock: and a Brunette in the front seat B)


The Wild-Catters ARE top notch, I've known Mike for a very long time......

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The questionnaire portion could look like this for each company on the" GOOD LIST".






Choose # from 1 -5

1 being worst and 5 being the best.



a. The attitude and competence of management? ( )


b. Maintenance Vigilance? ( )


c. Pay on time? ( )


d . Corporate Culture ( )


e Re- embousement of expenses? ( )


f. Honesty ? ( )




Total Votes to date/ sum entries received = mean cumulative rating score.



Any other suggestions......?

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