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Oh my god. What a gong show. A simple question by DT2 and we are on the 3rd page with only two or three companies mentioned. A couple of you guys must work for transport or something. ( Leadingedge ) I would like to add my two cents but I am scared that I havent met the ten question criteria. Simple question guys. Who do you like to work for? Lets not complicate it.


I agree with DT2 and 407d. Both Alpine and Wildcat would be at the top of my list. Nice machines and a good crew. I hear Great Slave look after there guys aswell. Just a shame about the geography.

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Maybe you didn't do it intentionaly, but if I am correct Transport Canada is also an employer and should be placed on the list. If there are no objections I will add Transport Canada to the list.


I will break it down regionally.


Keep the survey/poll, questions comming.


Remember, short and concise.

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