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Win A 2005 Heli Ops Calendar

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Well the latest calendar is at the printers and have decided to give away 50 to the members of the forum here. It has some great images in this year and the only requirement to get one is as follows.


* Post on this thread why you like the helicopter industry you work in. Or if you are a student why you are looking forward to being part of this merry band.


Its that simple. Make your post then send me a PM with name and postal address. Limit one per member.


Cheers and they will make great Xmas gifts :up:


Heli Ops


P.S. Here is the link to the page showing all of the images in this years calendar.




Helicopters At Work 2005 Calendar Images

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I tried to edit my post after I realised the time difference but the way Kyle has this forum set up sucks as you cant edit your own posts once they are made. :down:


Makes it hard if you make a mistake and want to change something.


Heli Ops

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Heli Ops, don't despair. There are still plenty of interested people in Canada, I'm sure. Just give them a chance to reply... As for me, I just walked in from the local pub so I'm still up this time of night!


As for why I think that the helicopter industry is great. Well, I've met awesome people all over Canada, I've had a chance to see spectacular places that most people would pay big bucks to see, and I'm getting paid to do something I like that provides me with a decent income while working 4 to 5 months of the year! Beats working 9-5, M-F anytime in my opinion.


Great pictures by the way. Looking forward to seeing your calendar one day.





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I have been employed in the helicopter industry for 32 years now have travelled from coast to coast, spent time in India and several countries in Europe all on the company dime.


It's been a blast and with maybe a small change here and there I would do it all again.




:up: :up: :up:

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* Post on this thread why you like the helicopter industry you work in.


Well this should be the easiest thing I have to do today...


What's not to like about this industry? :up:


First and foremost, as a whole, the people I've become accquainted with are generally A-1. :P


Always willing to lend a hand when the chips are down to get the job done, always have somthing constructive to add, even if it is is the competition. <_<


I always ket a big kick out of seeing someones face after flying in one of our beasts for the first time. It's somthing you give and lasts them a lifetime :prop:


We are a small group of people which possess the skills (in varying degrees) :blink: to operate a very versatile piece of equipment that can have huge impacts in other people's lives when called upon.


I've operated lot's of "gear" for various industries, but the Helicopter Industry along with everything that goes with it still #1 in my books!


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While most of my time is military, the family aspect of helicopters is what I like. I've had the pleasure of meeting some people, and its great to fly in somewhere, find someone you know who is there, too, and catch up. I'm now teaching ab initio military students, and it seems like fun so far. Now if I manage to get through without adding too many grey hairs, I'll be happy.

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i'm not directly in the industry although i follow it closely. while doing some freelance writing and photography when PS still had corvus, i had the opportunity to meet many members of the industry and still like to maintain close ties with them when i get the chance...


bottom line for me is i just plain like helicopters... always have... always will.. :up:

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