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Win A 2005 Heli Ops Calendar

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For such a simple question its hard to nail the exact answer. I never intended to be a helicopter pilot when I started my flying career a couple decades ago...it just worked out that way...and I wouldn't change a thing.


Helicopters offer a truly unique experience each and every day. Rarely do I land at an "airport" and 1000 feet and below is the norm for cruise. I fly for forestry during the summer months and its usually me, the machine, a keen forestry crew and a new challenge. You can't beat a good fire, a nearby water source, a shortline bucket, and a few other helicopters in the mix for pure fun. Once everyone finds their groove its magic. Geez, only five months to the start of next season...

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Heli Ops,



Greatest experience of this industry, specific to Canada. It has to be the vast area of our operations. I have flown in 10,000' mountains ranges that would put most postcards to shame. I have seen the sun rise in the high arctic at -50C. I have sat in a bug infested swampy muskeg area for hours, waiting for the survey crews. I have flown across the prairies, not much to say! I have flown on all three oceans, surrounding us. I have drank beer with plenty o' pilots from across this country.



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As a lowtimer and avid lurker on this forum i can only second prior posts from our oldhightimers...

And thanks to all the members that give some kind of industry insight with their comments. They are really informative. (Lately it was getting a bit grotesk though)


I would love to know more of you guys personally! :wub:




well, you see I do REALLY want that calendar ;)

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Why do I love the helicopter industry?


There are many reasons I love flying helicopters but certainly the best one is water bucketing on a fire! Water bucketing is an absolute blast! It is a great opportunity to hone your skills at slinging (something I haven't done alot of) and the it is just like playing a video game! :up:


Flying a helicopter is a very satisfying job. The people are great, willing to help each other out, even when from other companies, and being out on a summer's day at 1000 AGL with the doors off is the best way to fly! B)


I must love doing it as I left a cushy desk job in the software industry in Vancouver to move to northern Alberta to be doing it!

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The one thing I absolutely love about the helicopter industry is the free stuff! Where else can you get free t-shirts, hats, calenders and the ocasional christmas gift.


I can truly say the best part of the industry is the people. Nothing beats being stuck in the middle of nowhere, meeting up with fellow pilots and engineers, having a few cold ones and swapping stories.


In addition I love getting to see new places, and love being outside with mother nature.


Can't wait to finish the maintenance school and get back into the helicopter industry!! :up: :up:

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What does it for me is the ever-changing dynamic. I guess way back people stayed at the same company for a long time but over the 10+ years that I've been doing this it has changed.


You are a dues-paying member of a fraternity of individuals who want nothing more than to see "what's over the next hill...". I met some people in the high arctic that had paid $10,000 USD for an "eco-tour"... I was getting paid about $500/day to see the arctic from the air...


After doing the four corners of North America and a few others around the world, there's not a thing I would change... although I guess I should have called some of those girls back... like I promised :rolleyes:




P.S. Sticky, what was that about a "shortline bucket"? Are they still making those?

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