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Hot/Cold Work Enviroment

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The hottest under normal ops was in Maine a few years ago...it was 38C with an L4...we had taken the wind deflecters off as they had put new wedge windows on and said the stc did not allow for the reinstall of the deflecters...humidity was brutal as well...there was a flight on a fire in Manitoba years ago..working on a fire...got a call that 3 guys were running from the fire...told them to make it to the closest clearing..I landed in front of the oncoming firestorm...as they ran out of the bush I looked at the oat as my face could already feel the heat...50C...those guys had eyes as big as pie plates..good thing old chevy 2 was light on gas..we just got out before the place lit up...coldest was 100 miles north east of norman wells in feb....was -48C..was plugging in the battery blanket..night time temps would go below -50C...cord for the blanket snapped in half...pulled the battery and took it inside for the next 2 weeks...great fun :wacko:

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Mine are strangely both in Manitoba!


Hottest +33 on fires with a B3 (Jetranger B3... Had ya fooled a second)


Coldes, the Winnipeg River, Erosion survey in february, -40 C/F same difference the scales apparently cross there. very cold, and with realy problems no fun atall! Had to get a second battery!




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-40 deg C yesterday morning, northern QC


+39 deg C with 100% humidity, 0 wind(negative wind if that's possible, it just sucked the air right out of your lungs.) 2006, near the equator.


On a side note, on trip back from the north, it was -15 deg C and snowing when we left in the morning, by the end of the day, the snow buttlers had to be removed as it was >+18 deg C on landing further south.

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Hottest...+41C pulling guys out of a fire in High Level. Coldest was -58 in Williston Lake (Osilinka)...I was rigging at the time and after sitting for a week for no money me and another nutcase went out and rigged for the day...Not sure if we burned more wood than we logged!


Driving: -42 High Level Area a few times. Often had more sleeping bags and survival gear than pax weight wise LOL!

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