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Winter Tours

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I wear beach sandals in the showers anyway, even in a clean one. I didn't mean that kind of dirty either.........I meant I don't stand in mud at home when I'm shaving and I don't have to do it at Eureka either. I gave up that "Joe Dynamic, Hero of the Bush" routine a long, long time ago. that comes from Cap's book on "Workplace Health & Safety Rules". :D

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Victoria Island and below 2 months on and 1 month off (Showers and adequate food manditory).

Melvile Island and above 2 months on rest of the winter off (Showers optional but adequate food a must).

A enclosed crapper is a must, cause I am tired of the bucket blowing away in the wind, and not to mention the frostbite! :D

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Amadao --------2 months on and one month on are perfect with me also. I didn't mention that because it's seldom offered anymore. Once upon a time there was a great outfit called Haida helicopters and they had that time on/time off routine no matter where you worked....and it was great. Sounds ugly at first, but once you get into the routine it's just great........and I'll have heat in that enclosed "crapper" also, thank you very much......oh and some "good" magazines too. :lol:

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