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Heli-Tour Ripoff?

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Its one thing to pay 25k and be guaranteed a job, but to be let go after they take your money is just plain criminal.


That's how I feel. I am going on my first road trip to look for a job and this is one of the companies I am looking at. I want to make sure I'm making the right decision. If anyone has worked there or has any advice for me about this company I would be all ears. PM me if you like.



Hello OGEgirl,

Maybe this will put you back into ground effect where you need to be. I really hope that I wont be working next to convicted drug smugglers and hope my post has spread the word to operators that might be tricked into hiring someone of this stature and run the risk of getting his or hers machine used for the wrong purposes so yes I agree my character has proven to be one of a helping nature. I worked for three different companies before starting my own and two of those companies involved being a copilot, where I was able to meet alot of people but most importantly learn the operational side of the industry from very experienced pilots and engineers alike, I recommend this position to anyone who really wants to learn something.When Im flying and come into an everyday situation I have the captains who I co pilotted for including my chief pilots voice in my head or a muscle type memory and learning from these guys to guide me (not saying they are the only voice of reasoning because I have my own and everyday there is a new situation that hopefully you will find out too. Saying this I also made good honest contacts with Chief Pilots and Ops Managers all over Canada from High regions in Alberta to the NWT from High areas of bc and yukon to north Saskatchewan to Ottawa to sitting on the shores watching S92s fn off out to sea. When I was laid off and called all my contacts and even went for a check ride in alberta through the best chief pilot out there (besides mine now)in a brand new sexy as$ 120 and was told if there was work I would be hired(but times were too slow) I did something abit more stand up and solid then to be pissed on by someone who is new and wasting time sitting on her behind on a forum. Get going there are two girls I know of in the area and they are such awesome pilots and nice people and doubt they wasted a second on here. I just signed up last month or something and its hard not to check in all the time. hopefully you dont spend too much time hovering over this post oge.man I hope this will be my very last waste of paint on my keys.


I don't plan on wasting time here. I thought it would be a good way of networking. I could be wrong. Busbar I didn't ask how you got your start, nor do I care. You seem to have a personal grudge against the pilot in question and I don't understand why. I can't be bothered to go through the process of googling people as you've suggested. I don't need to know everyone's past.


PS. I highly doubt you "know two girls"

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Isn't this the kind of garbage we curse politicians for? There's room for some reasonable discussion here, and all these personal slurs and arguments serve no-one anything.


Let's face it, there is, and will continue to be, a surplus of undertrained and ill-experienced pilots trying to get into the industry. Ralph Sliger, whether you like him or not, is providing a service to many of those folks, and to the industry at large. He tells his candidates the score before they make any commitments (and, like many others, I'd never have done so either) and he has every right to be paid for instruction, as well as charging failures who really shoudn't be spedning more money.


When more operators get off the dime and take on some of these 100-hour lads and lassies, there'll be less to argue about, but whose money thinks that's going to happen? Ralph is under the very intense eye of TC and running a cleaner operation than some most of us can name.


A handful of disgruntled ex-employees and/or ignorant customers shouldn't be the burr under so many saddles. PROFESSIONAL aviators are cooler than that. Are YOU one?

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