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Helicopter Wireless Ics

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Hoping that someone has the solution for what I am describing bellow.


We are a onshore utility company flying mainly AS350 aicraft.

Our pilots and ground crew has aviation helmets when flying.


When starting up, landing somewhere, or just having ground crew on the ground while performing external load, the groundcrew has no way of communicating with the pilot except when he takes he's aviation helmet off and uses a FM radio handheld. We have some really thin helmets(industry) that can connect to the FM handheld. So atleast they have something on the head.


We want to find a system. (not to expensive) that solves a lot of these problems. So the crew can keep their ordinary helmets on.


Any suggestion out there?

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your best bet to get you started into something that might work as a stand alone unit, or potentially something that can be integrated into the existing aircraft radio system would be to look into the motorcycle world and the ICS they have been using.

they have come a long way over the years, have become smaller, and higher quality while being reasonably priced. some are even bluetooth.


So start googling, as there are many manufacturers out there.

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David clark has a simple system that you can connect to your FM radio it comes with a press to talk kind of knob the size of a hokey puck.It was attached to your stomach out the way, just had to hit it with your fist or hand to activate the mic


You use a regular David Clark headset or helmet.


The Cie i used to work for had that system, worked good.


Don't know where to find it though, try the David C website.



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We have ground crew that work under the cranes all day while we grapple log.....Motorola is our radio of choice because of it reasonable cost and durability. They utilize a plug in headset/microphone that are attached directly to their hardhats. Any good radio shop could help you adapt a system that will fit your needs.

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I have a setup for my ICOM radio, similar to what Helilog56 is talking about, ptt connects to the radio, but I need a 'pigtail' that makes mine from a single to a dual plug.


But it works fine, use it all the time when I send 'dudes' out solo. I can stand next to the runway with my 'lid' on and hear what goes on.


You should have no problem devising some system that can tie in like that.




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