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Bob Cameron


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There is information that I've known about for a while that I did not wish to post here without prior permission. I felt that it needed posting because of the high regard and respect in which one Bob Cameron of Standard Aero is held by this industry.


Within the last couple of days Bob lost his wife to cancer that she had been battling for the last 11 months. I'm told that the family and her had prepared for it very well and Bob is holding his own. It should also be noted that we came close to loosing Bob also, but an operation "saved the day".


To those that know Bob, I felt that they would be much interested to know this news as he has touched so many people in this industry over the eons and garnered an awful lot of respect. Part of many engineers' introduction to the various 206 engines was made by Bob and his info helped many a pilot learn his 206 engine even better.

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Bob Cameron is without a doubt one of the classiest guys in this crazy business of ours and my sincere best wishes will always be with him. I first met him and Alvin Hickey when they were instructors on the T53 and I was at Bow in the late 60's, early70's. Everybody knew and respected them and when they blew into town for a course or a hot end it was whooppee time, like we ever needed an excuse. Some of my fondest memories are of people like Bob who was always there on the other end of the phone or on an airplane coming to see you in the field when we were just new to these new fangled big helicopters, 204s/205s.

One always feels so inadequate at times like this, for the ones who did so much for us and when their chips are down, we are unable to help them. But we will never forget them for their frienship and mentoring.



Gerry Whalen

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