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Carrying A Rifle?

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Over 26 years in this industry and I never flew West of Winnipeg, I'm just curious in what areas carrying of rifles is recommended, and what's involved. I remember seeing a pilot add not that long ago that required a firearm permit, and I've never flown anywhere where it's been a concern, so just curous.

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For your infos Bladestrike I personally went further than Winnipeg, actually I went all the way to the big Island and I can guaranty you, no matter what they say, that they are not that bad out there.


No need for guns.



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It's nice to have one when you're in bear country, if not only to make noise with. To carry one in the machine you'll need the proper license, gun registered and the shells have to be packed in a seperate box(I think metal) and the TDG laws come into effect too. When I'm in polar bear country, I like to have one in the tent, within arms reach of the bed. If you don't have the permits then just make sure that there is at least one firearm with your crew. Never go wandering around in the bush without one if you think that there may be dangerous animals around.


P.S. bearspray is just there to make you feel better, nothing stops an advancing animal better than a spray of lead.

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It totally depends on likely exposure but I sometimes carry a small barely legal 12 guage. I wouldn't recommend it if you don't have a PAL and a registered firearm though.


Pepper spray isn't always effective, even with small bears. I was flying tree's and treeplanters into a couple blocks last year and we had a problem bear that had the crew standing on a log pile. The young black bear was sprayed very heavily and still only left when I chased it off with the helicopter. It came back to the crew twice despite chasing it as far as I could into the trees with the helicopter. The third time, he was out of chances and only left when the foreman fired a shot in the air nearby.


You don't always need to blast a bear with the gun, but if you need it, you NEED it.

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Thanks for the info guys. I hunt and have a restricted permit, have a few rifles and shotguns (all registered of course), used to shoot pistol in IPSC, but sold those off recently.


Is it personal preference or do some areas/contracts require you to carry?

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Be careful a lot of camps do not allow Fire arms. Also they are a pain to transport to and from. If you do shoot something be careful because it is easy to get reported for because some do gooder decides that said Bear was not a threat. I have found in all the years I have been in the bush and I am a hill billy that grew up in the bush (44 Years) I have never had to kill a bear in self defense.

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