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You Know You've Made It When...


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if memory serves me correct, duf, airwolf was a stock bell 222 operated by jetcopters of van nuys, but don't quote me on jetcopters... i remember reading something somewhere once that the "jet thrusters" were just for show built onto the sponsons but i imagine they had to get the nod from the FAA for the mod...


more locally, when airwolf was being filmed in canada, vancouver helicopters had the 206 in santini air colors fighting fires out of prince albert for awhile.. i happened to be there and have some pics of it in the star spangled banner livery with the little float helicopter logo on the door and no santini signs on the side...


must have been fun showing up for a fire in that!!! :up: :D

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For me I know when I will have made it when the machine and the situation are as follows.


My machine requirements are simple but realistic.


A brand new, or completely overahauled L4, all tan leather interior,CD player, Kiwi popouts. 10/10 in and out.


all based,


On a little tropical island, with white sand beaches, located no less than 1/4 mile from a rum distillary, and women in bikinis by the hundreds all between the ages of 25 and 30.(assorted variety)


This would be the time when I know I have made it.


Hmmmm, Ahhhhhh.

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Let's set up a duel between Airwolf and Blue Thunder! Doubt it'd be much of a contest though. If I remember corectly all Blue Thunder was armed with was a bazillion watt spot light. But on the other hand the pilot is the same guy who managed to kill Jaws a few seperate times. :lol:

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Typical GM.....The girls dont always like it big..... maybe once you master the R44 you can go bigger....remember its what you do with it :hide:


I just cant wait to get my hands on our new 407....dont really care that is a 407...just want that new heli smell on my nose.

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Hey, pssst... bh205... c'mere fer a sec... I wanna ask you a very private question... HOW WOULD YOU KNOW IF THE GIRLS LIKE IT BIG OR NOT? HAAAA-HAAAA, OOOOOO Mr."Looks Like He Just Came Out Of A Cold Lake"! Sorry to hear about your small man syndrom. As for the 44: crank, crank, crank, grind, grind, grind, bang, rumble, rumble, rumble, shake, shake, shake, pull, pull, pull,horn, horn, horn,down, down, down... piece a crap Jetranger wanna be. The 407 and you! Only if they let you clean it with your toung will you get that new heli smell in your nose, and speaking of your nose...


Bet yer sorry I've got all this time on my hands today, eh Mr. Deep? :P

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