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You Know You've Made It When...


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Oh dear Ryan,

Your youth and inexperience is showing once again !!!!!

You forgot the most important part about Blue Thunder........Whisper Mode.


The next time that your instructor chops the throttle on you, simply lower the collective, then reach down and pull the fuel cut-off..............you'll have an R22 with Whisper Mode, (until Bob starts screaming at you).

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Is that really the Blue Thunder from the movie? Either it's been way too long since I've seen it or I'm getting more gullable by the day! :P

Either way I've changed my mind about what I'd drool over if given the chance to fly...a Fisheries BO 105 just touched down outside the window! **** it's a slick looking machine. Kinda like a MD 500 on roids. They did a few circuits and landed for some lunch. Not much choice either as we found out. Turns out they had a TR chip light come on. Went out and got some great photos of it. Not often you see a heli with warnings written in German, English and French. :up:

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Made it when? I must admit, landing my own medium twin on a rig got me thinking, especially after 15 years of offshore made me swear never to go back!


Until someone gives me a better toy to play with, the S76 remains my personal favourite, as long as it's not in offshore config ;) S61 is an old but comfortable bus, I hate anything French on principle, Agusta 109's (even the Power) are just too small, Bell is too agricultural.


Mr Westland wouldn't give me a flight in a 101, and the latest offerings from Sikorsky haven't made our neck of the woods, yet. So, S76 it would have to be :up:

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Hey Guys


I think most of us would agree that you know you've made it when some nut case (oops can't say that), wing nut (ooh that either), looney toon (doooo).....some great guy, allows you to walk into his hangar, jump in his machine and fly into the wild blue yonder B) . To top it all off, while you're away doing what's unfathomable to most, this guy is dropping cash into your bank account :up: . Then you also come to realize that the more time you spend behind whatever cyclic it may be, the more cash he drops in your account ;) .


Yeah you know you've made it when you get to your hotel room, camp or wherever at the end of a 14hr duty day with a big S**T EATING GRIN no matter what it is you are flying.




P.S. - Imagine, you could be an accountant working 9-5, monday through friday, driving a desk week in and week out. YAWN!!!

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Ever since I first saw Helicopter Service's (Of Norway of course) Bell 212, I have wanted to give that a try. Now if I could wrangle the cyclic for an hour in that, I'd be all smiles, at least for a week. If I could do it for work... (WOW).


My other sorta on Second place would be the S-61. BIIG, Large, Huge, and "easy to fly" (At least in the sim, where it autoed like a greased brick!).


Nah, give me a 212 every day and I be happy. (Don't mind flying our 206 every now and again though..) :up: :up:

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