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Man those Russians can built tough machines! Hard to tell what terrain was at the bottom of that valley, but the ship looked well under control without a horrific rate of decent. Wonder if the rocket team were able to reload before the other helicopter swung around and shredded em?

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Ya mag, been to a few of those sites, man....I didn't sleep well for a few nights after seeing some of that. **** my curiosity!


As for the vid, it looks like a Hind, and it remained controllable. All the other stinger videos that have been on tv showed the missle strike, and the hind would pitch up vertical to 0 airspeed and then fall tail first all the way down. A control system must have been severed because there was no apparant attempt to right the aircraft.


I think cap's '26 month' remark is of his own personal experience, a long time ago, no?


After observing the performance of American helicopters in Vietnam, the soviets designed the Hind to withstand small-arms fire, up to 50 calibre in most locations. A real 'flying tank' I wonder what some of the performance numbers are like for it...weights/speeds?

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Sharky -------depens on the type of helicopter and not the country that make it. It took 120 rounds of small-arms fire into the fuselage, with one taking out the hydraulics; about 4' feer blown off the end of one M/R blade; 3 - .50 cal through the engine section, with one penetrating the power turbine section and we were still making about 60kts. Finally, the rod ends wouldn't put up with the vibrations from the imbalance of the rotor system and they gve up the fight, taking the mast and rotor system with it in another direction. You don't go far without a mast and M/R blades.


The Russian's mistake was too much altitude and that indicates little combat experience. At that height you are a slow moving target and easy to take aim at with anything. So you use low height, speed and topography to your advantage.

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That was nasty. Although the ship didn't 'fall apart' in the sky and seemed to descend slowly enough, the resulting 'crash' didn't look too pleasant (in the last second or two, aren't those flames on the ridge on the other side of the valley?)

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