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205 Crash?


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Ya heard the same thing, but is not a rumer. Ka 32 slung it out of the bush yesterday.All okay with crew I believe.Happened around Galore Creek area. Heard it was weather related.Belongs to a company out of Terrace.Wont mention any names just yet,I just dont do that even though I know who it is.





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here is another prime example as to why it would be nice to have a preliminary reporting system in place much like the FAA has.

I agree ####. The Canadian Forces has a similar system in place and it works very well. After an accident/incident Flight Safety issues an initial report to the flying communities as soon as possible so that everyone can increase their vigilance. Its amazing what it can do to help you "readjust" your flying habits after you read one. Supplemental reports are issued as key info comes available and then it finally gets published in a summary once the event is wrapped up and the findings have been made. You can see some here: Flight Safety Summaries


I know from my experience this summer, after a company lost a machine during refueling I had a hard look at my personal technique; however, the only way I heard about this incident was through the grapevine...sometimes effective but certainly not ideal.


I'm not sure how the FAA does it...there needs to be a certain degree of openess and I think most operators would be hesitant to contribute meaningfully to the system and subsequently put a spotlight on their operations...no matter how squeeky clean they are. I could be wrong. That's not saying it can't be done...

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