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205 Crash?


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I recall on a previous accident thread, several months ago, someone posted these prelim reports on two accidents - they were to the point and useful and ended speculation. If that poster is still around, further "anonymous" posts of that nature would sure be well received.


(we promise not even to speculate on who or why, will just be pleased with the information)


And yes, I did hear that the Terrace operator mentioned was picking up a 205 to do some work around Eskay Creek.

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Here's a registry link....




Fill-in the model on line 3, and the operator's name on line 5.


This confirms there is one operating in the area.

Unfortunately this doesn't confirm whose machine it was that crashed, or why it happened.

A factual preliminary report from someone official would be useful.

The rumour about the crew being unhurt is nice to hear.


(It's a pity.....I bet a 205 could be kept busy there right now because of the mudslides blocking the highway and cutting off the gas supply etc. etc).


The Vortex stopped printing the Occurence Synopses on the back page in 2003, read why in this short article here.......




They reappeared recently, without explanation, and without aircraft registrations.


Surely a basic factual and official preliminary report, and abbreviated follow-ups would be more suitable to the operators than all of this speculation.

Who knows.......it might even prevent a similar accident occuring......and isn't that what this reporting stuff is all about ??

But you guys know that already........now we just have the convince the poobahs in Ottawa.

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It has been reported that the pilot was performing longline operations moving drums of fuel. He also had a co-pilot in the right seat. I will withold both names.

The PIC (in the left seat) flew into IMC conditions during the slinging and had the extended load strike a glacier at a fair rate of forward speed subsequently a loss of control and crash. Both pilots received minor injuries.

As it has been mentioned before on this thread,winter has arrived, and conditions up here in the NW corner are extreme. I would know as I am up here in Stewart trying to do drill moves. Please everyone , adjust your judgement and err to the cautious side, as conditions can change in a matter of minutes, kilometers,and or with altitude. So everyone fly safe and watch those "sucker holes"!

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good advice, 56... winter will indeed be here in full force in no time at all... adjusting attitudes is everything... how many of us have watched people on the roads do absolutely stupid things the 1st time things get slippery... the same can apply to our flying...


glad to hear injuries were minor... fly safe, all.... :up:

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Any client that wants drills moved near Stewart at this time of year should be ready to hear the word NO on a regular basis, and any pilot moving those drills should be prepared to say it before it's too late.

Be careful H'56, stay warm.


Overtalk, good information, but your spelling of Poohbah was incorrect.


Poohbah was a character from Gilbert and Sullivan's play 'The Mikado'.

Poohbah held several government offices to maintain full control of the people.


Other characters in the play were......Nanki Poo, Yum Yum, Pitti Sing, Peep Bo, and Pish Tush.


Attached are photos of Poohbahs (one in Ottawa) maintaining full control of the people.

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#### --------- lawyers and insurance companies control this world. You can bet that the reason for the change was on the advice of or after consultations with......government lawyers. You want to change that?.......then get the insurance companies working for it because they insure all the a/c out there and cast a large shadow.

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