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205 Crash?


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Hi Leadingedge, though many of us have disagreed with some of your campaigns to Ottawa in the past, most guys will support you on this one.


However, I should re-state the latest status on Vortex Occurence Summaries.

They have returned to the Vortex, showing date, location, and type of helicopter involved.

They do not include registration, and are only printed after a TSB report is published.


Here is a sample from the latest Vortex......



In the present litigious environment, I think this is the best we can hope for from such a newsletter.

Full reports can still be obtained from the TSB if desired, though some reports take years to publish. This delay seems to be caused by legal ramifications of pin-pointing a cause, or just shortage of time/money/staff at the TSB.


What most guys have been requesting here is something new to the public of Canada, basically it is an initial report, similar to that put out by the FAA.

Here is the latest version from the FAA.....



As someone mentioned above, this sort of report is already generated shortly after a Canadian accident, but it is not released to the public.

Personally, I think it is the release of that preliminary report that we should be appealing to Ottawa for.


Stop all the rumours and speculation, and just tell us what happened, dammit !!

If the Americans and all their lawyers can handle it..why can't we ??

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Thanks for clearing that up!


I whole-heartedly believe that there should also be some form of additional guidance for new pilots on where such vital information is located. I was lucky I had a fantastic MOT inspector who really went above and beyond in his duties to make sure that the new entrants where informed and at least knew where to look for precious info. Something like a resource sheet would probably do the trick and provide the extra guidance.


I guess I get a little upset when they cut back on sensibility, have seen to many friends bite the bullet, this recent 212 accident although I didn't know the guy, hits home in a big way. I was thinking about it last night after I read caps latest entry to console me in my latter years and you know there are only 2 or us left from the 7 guys that I started with, 4 of which bought it on the job and 1 in a car accident, and this doesn't count the other numerous guys I knew or met that met thier fate, and you know 99% of the time it could have been avoided.


I guess in a certain way I feel fortunate to still be here.


I am also glad to see that the accident synopsis's are back, thank god! I hope that TC makes a good job of it.



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The Transportation Safety Board of Canada has been contacted about this subject with a link to this thread, and a request for their thoughts on the subject of preliminary reports.


Sincerely CM


P.S. I was going to include a photo of my girlfriend in lingerie to add some extra "spice" to my request, but unfortunately there was no way of attaching such a photo. So I have included it here for your enjoyment, and for the TSB if they hopefully read this far. Enjoy.

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Good job on the link, however i don't think TSB will read past the 1 st page, it would be the first time in history that our direct input would have a direct influence to assure that things change of the good of the community. My hunch is that the insurance companies and like minded operators would have the balance of input on this matter. Never the less it's worth a try.


Your recent photo bears a great resemblance to my late uncle Bernie (photo attached), he is a bit of a family legend, and has been seen on occaison in the Prince Rupert area but not for some time now.. Damm I hope we are not related!

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Thanks for the update about the Vortex.


I do miss those accident reports and was sure sad to see them go. I think they are great 'reads' to learn from other pilot's mis-fortunes.


It's great to see them back again. :up:

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I think this is what everyone has been looking for, the name of the operator has been left out, don't ask me where I get this, it's from a friend of a friend of a guy I used to know :hide:



Occurrence No. : A04P0395 Occurrence Type: ACCIDENT

Class : CLASS 5 Reportable Type:

Date : 01-11-2004 Time : 16:00 PST

Region of Responsibility : PACIFIC




Aircraft Information:


Registration : C-FETK Operator :

Manufacturer : BELL HELICOPTER Operator Type: COMMERCIAL

Model : 205A CARs Info: 703 - AIR TAXI

Injuries: Fatal : 0 Serious : 0 Minor : 2 None : 0 Unknown : 0



Occurrence Summary :


A04P0395: The Bell 205 helicopter, C-FETK operated by , was conducting slinging operations 30NM from Bob Quinn Lake. Shortly after departing a drop site, the pilot lost visual reference due to falling and blowing snow. During the attempt to land, the helicopter contacted the ground hard. There was substantial damage to the helicopter and minor injuries to the two crew members on board.

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Firehawk ------- may I suggest that you don't need reports like that to become conscious and aware of what you have to do because, by your very statement, you have indicated that you are like that even without that news.


My main interest in hearing of a crash, is if I've lost another friend or if he's badly injured. If the cause of the accident effects the type I'm flying, I'll hear from my company soon enough. Other than those two things, I personally don't wish to hear about the accident.....'to each his own, I guess". :D

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I couldn't agree with you more! But more has to be done so that all pilots especially the up and comers get a better briefing on where such vital information can be found.How to access etc. A list or information sheet. Vortex is good but what about pointing in direction electronic data base that has all cumulative listings or searchable??



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