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Motion picture flying!

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OK so it is an old thread, but I just had to!

Saw this picture ''EXTREME OPS'' the other day, what a crock. But there was some decent helicopter flying with the steam chicken, just wondered if anybody knows who flew for the picture. It looked to me that they had a couple of really near misses, particularly one, flying downhill, doing a flare and the tail was only a few inches of the ground!!!  And then of course the tail rotor failure, only the helicopter started to spin the wrong way! So I thing they msut have put an ASTAR rotor for that part of it!

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I too made the mistake this week of viewing this flick.

OOoohh what a riviting plot line, i allmost couldnt watch.

I agree that was very close to striking the tail even with camera angle put in. But i think those pilots must have been foreigners as they were both flying from the other side.

I''ll give it a rating of 1 star for the use of the medium which is allways better than Viagra.

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But you get feed all day and that beats any job in the arctic any day. I found that the bigger the production companies name is, then the smaller they are. Did a job once for International something resources out of Vancouver. It turned out to be one guy, one table, one chair............Did a job in Pheonix, where Firestone hired a private starfighter to do touch and goes all day. The sound of afterburners going off was great...

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