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Motion picture flying!

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Geez, I guess I've been really lucky over the years. Had a couple bad experiences, but otherwise it was great. Last one I got $135/day for meals for the engineer and myself. We landed for our 15 minutes of fame and they told us to go and sit in the fancy trailer. It had everything except Hot and Cold running 'French Maids'. Then we watched 15 guys on both sides of our 205 tailboom push back and forth to make it look like the a/c was flying while they took shots inside. Oh and Fox Maulder is an as*hole.9.gif

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I had the misfortune (again) to watch another not too good flick the other night! James Bond''s Die another day. What a crock! They dumped a MD600N out the back of an Antonov 124, at some thousand feet high, then managed to start it up while falling through the air! Pretty amazing if you ask me!

Then there was that other JB, where they escape from a train in an R-22, except when they start, it has a turbine (Soloy conversion I bet!)

. Then of course there was this episode where they are chasing someone through some city street, and tilt the ASTAR over, flying with severe nose down, barely snailing up the street, trying to use the main rotor as a giant chop saw!!! Good laughs I guess, but some people must think helicopters are very agile and capable
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Its all real I tell you! I flew that MD600D out of that Antonov 124, and make sure your ignitors are working before you try that one! And you never heard of the Soloy 22?


The Astar one was a mistake, but you see, look closely. I have neglected to unhook my longline from another job, it got snagged and you see the results. Lots of incident reports over that one!

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Guest graunch1

The "best" heli movie is the one where they are chasing the train through the Chunnel and the blades are making great whacking sparts on the side of the tunnel. I think that was a Mission Impossible movie.


The a/c in the Segal movie was Vic Greenfield''s (sp) from YVR. I talked to the crew out at Avitat and then snuck onto the Bridge to watch the big shoot-em up scene. I will post a couple of the pix in the phot section.

The crew were living down-town in a fancy hotel and lovin'' it


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####, the D model is a special model designed for stunts. For the Bond flick, the fuel control was set up to start "very fast". You'll notice it was the same machine used in the Mission Impossible film. Those are special "break away" blade tips. That was some tricky flying; when numnuts hooked up that line, it was like that Bond/Astar/Longline thing all over again! More incident reports! I like how they superimposed that frenchman's head over mine. That was all done by computer you know. Amazing!

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Herrn Docteur Evil:

Those rigid blades mustb be nice!!


Saw another great one many years ago! Its more of a B Flick, but they have a great scene where buddy is flying a Hughes 300C, and is chased by this Bell 206B, Some awsome low level flying VERY close to a big rig on a highway for sure!! Awsome scenes, even though it was a low budget film. Even had the right sound for the machines.

Speaking of which, how come when the REAL military is involved, how come there is NO wild flying? Just saw that "tears of the sun" and they where flying three SH60F or R models, and no crazy stuff, other than some low level?

Well well, lets see if we remember any more of these baddies!

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Anyone remember that old movie with the cop in a 500 chasing that Alouette? The two choppers dueled it out inside of a hangar. I also vaguely remember another movie where a black 500 chased some good guys down some heavily overgrown backroads. There was no room at all, he was under the trees for most of it, and leaves were flying everywhere. No need for special effects!

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