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Motion picture flying!

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Of course we can''t forget the flying skills of Charles Bronson as he risked life and limb to rescue a friend out of a Mexican prison. I think it was a 47 or a Lama, but anyway with only a few hours instruction and BOTH hands on the stick he managed to pull it off.


Some of the better footage ive seen lately is the Imax film Straight Up Helo''s in Action, remastered in dvd form for home viewing



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PedalJam, in breakout, chuckie was trying to learn on a 47... i remember him asking the young IP if he would ever be as good as him... the young lad answers, "sir, you''ll never be as good as me!!!"


then chuckie suckered him into bringing the boss''s AII to the forest where he steals it and flies off to rescue the good guy!!!

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