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Tandem Slinging Question

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Sisyphus is referring to a 350B that crashed just outside of Canmore on Christmas day many years ago (late 80's ? ). A CHC 350 was returning to base with a full load, crosssed a ridge low and fast and probably encountered the dreaded servo transparency. The stinger made a 400 ft long mark in the snow, before the impact.

All were killed.



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i remember that day well, 407D... was the summer before that happened that i had been out with PK in GFHP while he broke down a fly in lodge... i was out there visiting and did some photos... when paul would bring the loads out, i would unhook for him to shorten the turn around times... got some great photos..


was glad it was not a personal friend, but still mourn the loss of any life.. :(

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