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What Does This Mean?

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Tsk,Tsk,Tsk Now,Now Edgeman you are the last person who should be talking like this when last I saw you fly, you said you had a couple thousand hours yet you handled the Aircraft like a guy with much less time than that, it kinda reminded me of my first time with Mary-Jane Rottencrotch, I to was all Thumbs and fingers and twitching like a dog with worms.But I could be wrong and you could very well have as much time as that resume of yours states, and if that is the case I guess you are just a Poor Hamfisted SOB.


P.s. when posting your resume on websites, just say you have AS350 time we don't need to know all the types, even transport simplifies this on you licence, also the D model AS350 has the "Tank Engine" as you put it like the BA+ it is called the LTS101.


Your Friend


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