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OK, let the other thread disintegrate into, well, whatever:


I am genuinely interested in doing comparisons, will make the analysis available to whomever particpates in it, and am not trying to use this information for any other purpose. Come on, people, let us use this forum for constructive discourse.


Feel free to PM me. If need be, I will setup a secure access page for those interested.



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Copied from Take 1:


From xxxxxx:


Ok I have some info.



Heli-inter is 15.25/hr (40hrs /week) and that includes flight pay ( 3000hr pilot), and is for roughly 6 months work then EI.


They consider this fulltime.


From xxxxxx:


I think some further explanation might be needed here on the subject of Heli-Inter and their pay-scale. Depending on your experience level you get paid such and such, as is the case with a host of firms. What Leadingedge stated is but one level on their payscale. Whether that amount is adequate is a matter for conjecture and I won't "horn in" on that. The maximum is $3750/mth; $30/hr on lights/intermediates; $50/hr on Mediums. What the accomodations are is also a factor and changes the "away/bush-pay" factor. There are a number of other attractions with regards specialty flying also. They do have something a little different that would go over with me like a "pregnant pole-vaulter"........they accumulate the flight pay and it gets paid all at once...once a year. They also have a minimum guarantee of flight hours that will be paid for the year.......that figure being approximately 350-360hrs/yr. So no matter what, you are guaranteed that much. I've did that system before eons ago and MAYBE it sounds good on paper, until you get that big fat cheque and see what our "esteemed" Tax Dept in Ottawa has taken fom it. So for me....I earned it and I'll wait to the middle of next month maybe, but then it's pay-up time.


This may not hinder any present heated discussions, but let's say it fills in some blank spots and possibly creates a better whole picture for one to debate upon.


Leadingedge, you should be aware that Messr Allard comes from the logging industry and one Mr Dobbin from the real estate business where he became wealthy before CHC. So if you are placing bets on who is going to do what to whom, I'd suggest that the record shows that you should wander over to the betting window and put all your money down on Mr. Dobbin to "Win" and Messr Allard to "Place" in that contest. No racial comment intended, but in Mr Dobbin's world, Messr Allard would be what is termed "a big bull-frog in a small pond".


To add some spice to this argu.....I mean discussion, what say we limit all name calling to a limit of 10 letters or more.

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Here ya go Saturnman, I posted this on the last attempt, my appologies to you and others for getting down in the gutter, I feel much better now.


In response to the original question, I make $3,200.00/month, $50.00/hour, $35.00/day bush pay and $35.00/day for meals, also the company kicks in $100.00/month to an RSP, all that combined with a three day Christmas party keeps me dang happy. Oh ya, forgot to mention the raise that happens annually.

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Thanks so far to all who have responded. To date, I have Heli-Excel, Heli-Inter, HeliMax, HTS, Yellowhead, CHL Eastern, CHL Western, CHL EMS, Helijet, STARS, Great Slave, Clearwater (Private), ...


US Operators: PHI, Air Log, AIr Methods, LSI,


Looking for Cougar, VIH, CHI, AIG, Alpine, (other medium operators)


Also looking for details on health benefits, RSP, time off, vacation, Sick, per diems, etc. Bush/Away from base etc.



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So when you say 3200/month is that the maximum amount you make or the base rate plus meal,accomodation, and additonal flight pay.


Also I've heard of helicopter pilots involved in fire suprresion can make upwards of 300/hr, is this a load of bull or are there actually positions that will pay this much?



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Also I've heard of helicopter pilots involved in fire suprresion can make upwards of 300/hr, is this a load of bull or are there actually positions that will pay this much?


Just for you info Ace,

There are some outfits that will pay that much money and it may seem like an awsome deal but keep in mind that the guys getting paid 300/hr are also the first ones to get the boot when the season slows down.

300/hr might seem like an awsome rate but when they compare their year end T4 slip to the majority of other comparable pilots, have they made any more money???


P.S. That would be a shiity wage if its a rainy season!

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