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Iphone Or Android

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[Ha love it, thats funny. I have an Android, but the only reason is when the HTC Dream came out before the iphone I just had to get one. I used an iphone4 a couple months last year and it made me realize what a clunky operating system Android is. iphone wins hands down.

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my 2cents


Blackberry are years behind. Seriously years behind. Yes they handle secure email. Thats it. But form and functionality of there email programs is 10yrs behind. There apps don't work as advertised. Nothings works as advertised.....


Andriod phones are maturing fast. Just remember Google is evil. Google scans all your email and location and contact list. Building a profile for target marketing. Worse yet every app wants access to your contact list and other info. Apps talk to each other, pulling marketing info. The phones may have better hardware specs. But thats only part of the picture. THere not as open source as led to believe. Google still has lots of control.



Windows 7 phones. No idea. Im sure there as awesome as other Microsoft products...


iphone, there not perfect. But close. Form and function hasn't been matched. Apps work as advertised. There the gold standard of smart phones.



Praise Leader....Steve jobs

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I got myself a Motorolla Milestone with android last year because I didn't want to wait for a backordered Iphone4. Bad idea. That stupid piece of s*** never worked right from the minute I wandered out of the store with it! I put up with it for a while but kept getting more and more frustrated with it. I finally sent it in for repair, they fixed it, but never told me what they did, and, you guessed it, when I got it back it didn't work, it was like they never even did anything to it! I was choked, called Telus and after several hours of arguing I made a deal with them to get an iphone, and what a huge world of difference that made! I love the Iphone, it works, has tons of apps, and most of all has been problem free the entire time I've owned it!

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One thing...I don't know about the other smart phones out there but, the iphone with Telus does have it's limitations.

For us fire chasers etc, the iphone doesn't work in large areas of Canada. As of last summer mine didn't work east of Lloydminster all the way to Sudbury where it worked again. Frustrating! It does work in Winnipeg proper and from what I hear Saskatchewan is working now as well( in larger centres) So, my solution, get a cheap pay and talk for the other areas, I hear Koodoo is a good option for that??

Any other thoughts or comments on this?


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You make a valid point - the iphone uses a micro sim so you can't swap it between phones. Before going anywhere near a strange neighbourhood redirect the calls from your iphone to the new one that can handle it. LG do a great dual sim phone called the LG 200 which is basic, but works fine for that purpose. I regularly walk about with 3 numbers on me!


Check out Truphone for a great sim that works anywhere and gives you local calls.



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