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A Good Call Guys!


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Not an unrealistic comparison P5. I'm not sure about a straight A model however the A+ with Arriel 1S1 engines gives 650bhp/engine. The C++ with 2S2 engines gives 1032bhp/engine! In essence you're getting an extra 30% power for around a 5% increase in ZFW. A big difference and very much like comparing a 206 to a B3. Put simply one will tower out of a confined area with a decent load while the other won't. So yes a C model would have made a huge difference in the crews options given this scenario.


Dissapponting to see this thread going pear shaped. I would have thought there were a **** of alot to discuss & learn from this incident. I'm certainly interested to know why in a place like BC where the possibilty of confined area/mountainous/difficult landings would be pretty high they chose to operate 76's? Ontario l can understand.

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Sudden Stop.

Please reread my post. I did not say #### happens, I said


The pilot flying had a momentary lapse in judgement and situational awareness at the same time. The second pilot did not correct that. It happens.


It happens. And it does happen, sometimes even with two pilots, one makes a mistake and the other pilot does not correct it. IT HAPPENS.


#### happens is a totally different thing and a dismissive remark. I did not say that or mean that and I do not appreciate your inference that I did.


Why are you here anyway. This is for helicoppter pilots.


You don't see us coming down to the 711 to bother you at work and wait for you to make a mistake.




Define here....... This topic,this forum or the entire Vertical Mag site?

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206s have blade strikes

B3's have blade strikes

76's have blade strikes

lama's have blade strikes


helicopters have blade strikes


meat servos cause these 99% of the time


Well then it's clear that the problem is the blades. Get rid of the blades, they cannot strike. Problem solved.


Your welcome.

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