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Mike,   When the new style forum came out Ms Head's name was on the masthead. From this I concluded she was in charge of the program. If this is incorrect, I sincerely apologize.   My remarks, how

And there goes another "good guy" that has contributed much back to the industry......!

Before I even think of entertaining your request about my experience, let me pick your brain on this comment.   Everyone, and I mean everyone, will agree that landing in deep powder (which is what i

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I agree to disagree, and agree, and disagree, but one thing I know we can all agree on is, WE ARE ALL UNDERPAID, agreed?? I think if we all made the $250g a year we deserve, there would be less disagreement, agreed?? Now lets work on that!!

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Im confused.


14 pages back, Roo was looking for some feedback on using the EC 130B4 as a heli-ski ship. Nothing more; it was just a simple question. After I got through reading the last 14 pages, Im left scratching my head wondering how this thread spun out of control? Can someone please enlighten me? I thought we were ALL supposed to be professionals here? But after reading through the pages this is clearly not the case.


For those of you that have provided some good discussion and information for Roo, thank you. As for the others? I have no problem in asking you to go check out another forum. In fact, I encourage you to go elsewhere where you can beat each other up with personal attacks and insults.


It wasnt so long ago that there were great discussions on these forums. But over the past few years those that were making excellent contributions have left one by one as this forum has been overtaken by individuals that are less then professional (Im being kind in my description). I will apologize now to those that continue to make great contributions to this forum - you know who you are. For those that dont you know who you are too! Leave, or go start your own forum.


Old Dog…you single out our editor-in-chief Elan Head that SHE needs to get her ##### together in order to keeps these forums alive. Just to be clear, Elan has tried on so MANY occasions to help clean up this forum, but to no avail! For a period there wasnt a day that went by when we werent discussing how to clean up the latest thread. But why would it be Elans or anyone elses responsibility from Vertical to clean these forums up? When it comes down to it, its up to everyone on this forum to clean it up! I thought that we were all professionals? People complain that the forums continue to go down hill, and yet those very same people are the ones that continue to make personal attacks and banter back and forth on something that has absolutely nothing to do with the original posting. Its easy when you can hide behind a username.


This morning my three kids were bickering back and forth before we headed out the door for the day. The only way I could make them stop was to threaten them by taking away some of the things that they enjoy in life. Funny, the bickering stopped immediately. Sorry daddy. Is this what we have to do with these forums?


When we switched the forums over to the new style, we said that we would be more heavy-handed with the moderating. I think you will all agree when I say that I have failed in ensuring that these forums dont spin out of control like they have. Starting today, I will begin banning those that continue to post what I consider to be unprofessional comments or posts. You can go to another forum. We are only interested in professionals in this industry that want to educate and share good information. Sure, we can all have disagreements. But there is no place here for insults and such.


In an effort to help clean the forums up, I am looking for additional moderators. Allot of you are complaining about how the forums have gone down hill. BUt, we need your help to get them back to what they used to be.


I invite any of you to PM or email me mike@verticalmag.com with any suggestions or concerns that you have with the forums.


I will continue to leave this thread open. But, I will shut it down if it spirals into a black hole.





Mike Reyno






When the new style forum came out Ms Head's name was on the masthead. From this I concluded she was in charge of the program. If this is incorrect, I sincerely apologize.


My remarks, however, stand.


I see three main problems here:


(1) Comment by those who are woefully uninformed about how our industry works.

(2) Comment by those are part of our community but chose to unreasonably "stir the pot".

(3) Ineffective monitoring.


Some of the commentary in this thread, and the S76 blade strike incident thread, are but two examples of material that in my view, contribute absolutely nothing to our industry.


I am done - please close my account.



Jerry Cutler

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