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Hey guys, it's been a while. I've got a question for you all.


Doubt any of you will remember me but I used to work for BA in the UK but I left last year, halfway through my Licence training.


I was always looking at doing my TC AME licence as I wanted to go to Canada.


Anyway, it looks like I'll be coming over in feb next year on a 12 month working holiday visa while I wait for my Residency application to go through and I was thinking of picking up the AME stuff again as I'd met the minimum training requirements to sit the exams.


The problem I have is though, how would I go about gaining the experience to gain the licence and how long would I have before the exams expired?


Any other info would be appreciated.


Good to be back.


Thanks in advance

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Guest Bullet Remington



Is that the avionics rating as opposed to B1?


look around the web and see if you can find a copy of the AME logbook. When you get it, get a licensed engineer to sign out any and all tasks you've completed. Easier to get it done before yoy leave then to have to track everbody down after you get here.


If you've taken formal training, whether it's for the JAR B2 or otherwise, get something signed by your instructor/s and notarized before you leave.


Check out the Transport Canada Web sight www.tc.gc.ca for further info. As an AME you'll be covered under the Maintenance and Manufacturing dictates of TC.


Graunch1 may be a little more up to speed on this. He's a Cone Head of exceptional knowledge and with the skill to impart it!!


Good Luck to you!

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Thanks for the reply.


Yeah the B2 is the avionics part, Section E in the TC.


Problem is, I've done enough to sit cover the basic training but I'm lacking in the practical experience bit as I left BA just before I was let loose in the fleet.


I'm currently doing work on Industrial control systems which have some similarity to avionics and completed a 2 year diploma at college. I don't know if any of that can count however.

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Guest graunch1

I would suggest you contact the Canadian Aviation Maintenance Council, buy one of their log bookks, then contact TC in ht earea you think you will be residing and then find out what they want prior to leaving your home contry as experience for a Canadian license must be gotten on a Canadian registered aircraft.

I am also intrigued on how you can come over here on a visitor's visa and work??????????

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Hi Graunch,

I think he said "it looks like I'll be coming over in feb next year on a 12 month working holiday visa"


Now a working holiday sounds like a **** good concept to me, but I can't figure out if .......


1) It's an oxymoron, and doesn't really exist, or


2) It's a government marketing term to suck immigrants into coming here, or


3) You wear shorts and drink mai-tais all day in the hangar, or


4) You work for the government.


I'm sure some things in life are created just to confuse me........

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Guest Bullet Remington



Was cheking around the Transport site, and found that in order to write the exams, one must have 75% of the tasks in the log book signed off, by a licensed engineer, prior to being grant approval, to write.


Danged if I can remember where I found it though! Was either in the ANs or in M & M letters / inter-office memos.


Basically, were I in your situation, I would ensure that I had a copy of all the training completed, a copy of the training sylabus, copies of the marks obtained, and every thing signed, notarized by the instructor/s and school, including the license number/s of the instructors, as well as the school's approval number.


If it ain't written down, it didn't happen. Always ensure you get everything in writing!


I wish there was more I could provide you with, and I wish you the best.





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Cheers for the sensible replies guys.


1. The "Working Holiday" I mentioned was intially aimed at gap year students or recent graduates but this year, due to an apparent skill shortage or whatever, it's been opened upto people under the age of 35 issuing the person with a 12 month NON EXTENDABLE working visa. We aren't entitled to use healthcare etc so have to arrange our own medical insurance and have proof of sufficient funds and a return ticket.


2. From what TC told me when I visited the Toronto office a couple of years ago, any experience gained on civil aircaft (in my case G-prefix) would be valid. All I have to do is satisfy the minimum 1000 hrs basic training to be able to sit the exams (which my old employer is putting together just now, with evidence of work done and courses/exams taken). I have a logbook that was stamped over here but from what you all say, it's unlikely that they'll accept that.


Argh, why can't getting the approval to fix aircraft be as straightforward as the work itself :hide:

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Guest Bullet Remington



Sorry Dude. I didn't mean to imply that alll tasks had to be signed off by a CANADIAN AME.


At the vendor I'm working out of right now, there are two employees from Chile who had experience in civil aviation from that country. They provided the necessary documentation from their previous employers and are in the process of finishing their exams at this time.


Just for your info, there are 4 Brits, and one Welsh guy working here as well. They are all licensed.


As I stated previously. get everything in writing. Most of the guys from Transport will be able to provide information for you.


Oh, and if you do get working over here, let me be the first to christen you.


Welcome, Ya ConeHead!! :D:D


Edited by B.R fer spoolin!!

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  • 1 month later...

Well, I've got everything in place to come over at the end of march. Just need to book the flight.


Have emailed all Relevant companies around the GTA but not too sure if I'll get a response.


Anyone got any more advice they feel might be worthwhile, or anyone out there willing to give me a job.


Just out of interest, has anyone had any dealings working with Garrett Aviation in the U.S.


I got a job offer there at the tail end of last year but I'm unable to get a work visa so can't take it :stupid:

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