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Tax Time

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I did my IFR rating at Pro IFR and they sent me a tax form in the mail and was able to write off the cost. If my memory serves me correct I was only able to write off a certain % each year.



You can write it all off on your taxes. You can write off your medical, licensing/transport fees, helmet, aviation GPS, maps & publications. Travel to work can also be claimed if your employer requires you to work away from head office (which most helicopter pilots do). To claim all this, you must itemize a list, take it to your company and have them fill out a T2200 form.





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I am planning to write off the helmet this year, under salaried employees/supplies. This looks like a pretty safe bet with the T2200 form.


As for the medical and TC fees, the only allowance for this appears to be under commission employess/licences. It's debatable whether flight pay is considered commission however.


Are most pilots writing off medical fees?

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