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Survival Training....


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I've been looking for a good place to get some winter wilderness survival training. If you know of anyone on Vancouver Island or near Vancouver please let me know. I've tried but for the life of me I can't anywhere on the Island. Maybe because our winter ins't considered a winter by the rest of Canada. :lol:

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Here are some survival schools near you……

In Sooke B.C.



In Cobble Hill B.C.

Timonda Emergency Services

Tim Mitchell 250-746-4572

Email to: mitchelt@brentwood.bc.ca


Here’s one that’s a little colder, but not as wet ……….

In Calgary AB

KSK Industries, Inc.

Tim Kelly 403-281-9338

Email to: ksk@cwmaster.com


These guys in Kelowna do a highly regarded bush course for helicopter pilots, it might be worth giving them a call.




Apparently our old friend #### also puts on a course in Ontario. A photo is attached.

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The link to Airborne Flight Training will get you to the new improved Kelowna facility, now called Okanagan Mountain Helicopters.

Speaking of survival training Firehawk, I understand we have a "survival seminar" booked in several of the best wateringholes of downtown Kelowna on Friday PM, Bring your credit card and gum-boots ! P.S. things may get ugly :shock:

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I trained with John 6years ago(now at Airborne Flt Training) he's a great guy we still talk often, The survival training the year before and the years after my time was very enlightening so I was told, (camshell and -25 for three nights) and no beer. My survival training was a little more lax( cabin and lots of beer) He might be able to include someone in thier survival weekend from another school give them a call

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