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New Shcool In Langley, Bc


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Hi T'Wheels, that was a funny one fella'.....I almost fell outta' my tree laughing so hard.

"limit the number of students....." HA HA HA HA

Who will decide which students get to train and which ones don't ??

Maybe just double the rates.....that would weed out a few characters.

That should also double the flight pay of the instructors too. Whaddaya think 412 Driver ??


Don't worry T'Wheels there will always be lots of schools to teach you new guys to fly, it'll just be harder to get that elusive first job.


Maybe McDonalds will limit the number of burgers they sell because people are getting too fat...


"....giving ample opportunities to newly licenced pilots..." really funny stuff T'wheels, thanks alot.

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i would never say no to a 100% wage increase :up:


limit students eh? let's see, how should we do this...............


maybe allow men only??? or how about weeding out the purple people????


we all know purple people can't fly :P:P:P




oh, CM, hope you don't mind, i printed out your coupon to take to MickyDees, i want a better deal!!!!!!!!!




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The only bad thing about that is the cost, at least $10,000 - $20,000 on university plus the cost of heli training. Ouch.

Right now all I'm doing is saving for my heli training (basicly starting another career in banking to do it), about $15,000 so far, but thats not nearly enough.

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