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John Shultz.....50 Years


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Blackmac ------let's not "go there" with this man or I'll be rolling in the aisles real quick......and you know exactly what I mean. The name alone, can put a smirk on my face. :lol::lol::lol: I TRIED to replace John on a job, but between the flying and all the other "extra-curricular" stuff, I didn't measure up in any category.........but it was a lot of fun trying. :lol::lol:

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Ya Don it was only a short trip and I'm sure he was asleep for most of it!!! It may have been more fun to have put Larry in there also!!!


John was very insrumental in getting me my first job, although my first day was one I will never never forget. John, Larry, Earl, myself and the accountant I think. add a couple of 40's of Capt Morgan and you have a very intresting mix... anyhow I digress. Good luck John and better luck to Donna she deserves it. :rolleyes::rolleyes:


remembering some of the best times ever



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Blackmac ------- My recently delivered Vortex also tells me that John and I lost our old boss earlier this year. I'll assume you knew beause you're much closer. How can someone like that pass on and get hardly any mention from within the industry?

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Cap, you would have to be yours, John's and my age to remember guys like Jack Flemming and Ernie Grant. As mentioned before I met Ernie in Knob Lake, Mid-Canada line in 1956.


Jack I got to know a little later on when I was hosting the hospitality suite at the Prospectors Convention at the Royal York. We always kept a spare room for him.


It's to bad some of the original guys from the industry are not still around.


I met Ernie and Jack again in, I think 74, when I went to King City on behalf of Okie, when we did the takeover of Dom-Peg.


Those were the better days of the industry, people were'nt so paranoid.



Cheers, Don



PS: Twitch, just who are you???????

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Chuck ------ thanks for calling me a "newbie". I haven't been called that since Christ was a Lance Corporal in the Salvation Army. You made my day, you 'ol fart.


John was last flying FO for Canadian in Ont. some time ago. I understand that they wanted him to go Capt. and he turned it down saying he was just happy to stay where he was.


I don't think G4's on floats are allowed to land on hangar roofs anymore, so it might be well if John stayed where he is. :lol::lol:

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