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Hello Everyone:

I have been observing your comments for some time. Quite interesting. I am amazed how our industry seems to chase its tail. A lot of the comments and problems are things we complained about and dealt with in the early 60's.

Having said that, on the whole, our industry is by far a lot better off than the "Old Days" I hope I can contribute to your forum.

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Hi Splitpin,


If you have been reading for a while you will have seen we have all sorts of characters on here, and vast amounts of experience compared to some other heli-forums.

A few tips.....if you don't agree with someone else, let us know, and why.

Also, just because you don't agree, that's no reason to be rude to the guy.

We are trying hard to keep the posts positive, light, fun and informative.

So far your only post meets all those criteria.

Thanks and welcome aboard.

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