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Downed Helicopter At Site Of Osama Raid

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Your first sentence spells out my thoughts on your theory in your second sentence.   it's top secret like you said How would anyone know how it went down?

Posted Images



A photo of a piece from the heli... and some info to go along with it...


"Hello, I’m a British journalist and was at Bin Laden’s compound yesterday. I picked up a bit of the broken helicopter from a field by the house. By chance it had a serial number on it. No idea if it’s of any use / interest to you, but here goes:

SCFV12A107-3 next line: REV – next line: 6-25-09 (a date maybe?)"

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It was a UH-60M, 160th "Nightstalkers" A/C and crew 2 UH60M 2 CH47... Heavily modded. Lots of neat kit on that thing....


word from the field, he setteled, hit the wall.


Seal's BIP ( blew in place)




Here is the funny one, you know the funny pic with Chairman O's and Hillary's facial expressions... it wasnt that they just saw a murder , it was they saw the crash live on the sat feed and the first thing that went through their minds was " oh God this is gonna be another Jimmy Carter"


And for those of you who dont know, the Carter op crash cost him a second term



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How would anyone know what type of aircraft was used? Unless you were part of the op and need to maintain TOP SECRET classification.


Looks like some sort of Comanche tech. Must have been something fairly nasty to crash a SOAR machine. Looking at the environment of the compound, there is no way this machine 'settled with power'. Likely small arms.


The Special Forces community in the US have come a long way since the Carter Administration.

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