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Here's What Should Be Done

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Nationalize helicopter service in Canada. It will reduce operating costs drastically.


Unionize everybody. Work out a good deal. All workers buy shares and get profit sharing. The price of the stock will go up.


Buy all brand new 407s with auto pilots.


Change the rules to allow single-pilot, single-engine helicopter GPS IFR.


Everybody sponsor ten African children at $100 per year per child.


Fire George Bush.


Take the bus.

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1) Nationalize? Nahhhhhh, the government orders me and mine to do too much now as it is.......bad idea!


2) Profit? Comparing the words "Profit" and "Nationalize" is an oxymoron. Pick one or the other, but you cannot have both.


3) No problem with the 407's, but I don't need the 'auto-pilots' because I am one.


4) Most places I have to land are hard enough flying into VFR without some idiot asking me to do it on instruments.


5) Good idea about sponsoring the African children.......as soon as we sponsor the Canadian children who don't know where their next meal is coming from either. Kids in Africa don't have to wear proper clothing for -20C temps....Canadian kids do......and some are without.


6) Fire George Bush? ......ok....and replace him with who? Kerry maybe?......nahhhh....he can't even decide what door to choose. :lol:

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skidz ----that's not a bad idea, but I still got a 'low-timer' living under my roof that I'm "sponsoring" already. You'll have to wait along with the kids in Africa. No hard feelings ok......I just feel that I/we should look after our own first. :D

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BR ------ I't's just "pay-back time" for me, that's all. I remember being sponsored by someone too that I used to say to..."Hey dad, got a 20 you can loan me for the night?" Only NOW I find out that I should have said..."hey dad would you sponsor me for the night with a $20 donation?". :lol:

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