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The naval lynx uses a system known as a harpoon. They'll stabilize over the deck, and when the pilot is ready he'll set on deck, using negative pitch (about 1000 lbs of it). Then when on deck he launches a harpoon onto the grid in the middle of the deck, the switch for that is on the collective.


I have sat in the back landing on Norwegian ships, and it takes more than average skills when the decks are small, it is heaving and rolling, and you have a LARGE obstacle ahead of you that is moving, and you're trying to match the horizon, not the ship...


So in essence, yes the 296 is advance, but the rest of it is pure skillz!



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Winnie, have you thought about sitting in the front to do it???

I'm sure it would make the whole operation much easier.....

Hehe, VERY good point!


Except at that stage, I don't think ANYONE onboard that helicopter would have wanted me up front... lol It was in my heyday as a SAILOR (every woman loves a sailor)...


I got a couple of incentive rides on the Lynx, as I was one of the ones that worked around the helo on deck and in the CIC.


Now I keep begging my friend to give a shot at the controls...



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Man, that was painful to watch. Had to be a rookie on the pole. Didn't know to hold a steady hover where the ship could come to him. Reminds me of gale season in Rennell Sound.

Wow, armchair piloting at its finest. Did you actually see how big those seas were? You know you bothered me when I reply on Xmas eve!

Merry Christmas All.

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