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Aircraft Maintenance Management Systems

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I am looking for some solid information on AMS systems from anyone who knows them well. AMMS, CAlM, etc... So many options, so very expensive and so little information sometimes. Any help or direction to go in would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to PM me.

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Go to page four and check out the thread "Maintenance Tracking Software", a lot of your questions are probably already answered.


Thank you helidude. Some good information there but I notice that its all from 2009. So issues noted hopefully have been adressed. This is like buying a very expensive car without being able to really test drive it or even go to a dealership. I must say I like what is said about going paperless and 100% electronic. How is that working out to date? Thanks again for the reply

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It's been a few years now and I really can't see how we could go back to traditional paper work. The system automatically eliminates 95% of paperwork and procedural errors and makes quality control much easier. It's not for everybody but for us it's the shiiiiiite!!

Give me a shout if you want more detailed info. I agree, shopping around for those programs is about as much fun as shopping for a suit for a funeral!


Christian Dallaire

Gemini Helicopters

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